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Acoustic Cavitation Lithotripsy

Low-pressure cavitation enhanced ultrasound. The world’s first system designed to enable an office based solution for kidney stone disease.

Avvio Medical aims to change the standard of care for the treatment of patients with urinary stone disease. Our novel office-based procedure enables shorter wait times without requiring fluoroscopy or general anesthesia, thereby reducing overall medical costs.

Our innovative technology employs low-pressure ultrasound to actuate calcium-seeking microbubbles, creating millions of micro-jets eroding the stone.*

Avvio Medical’s low-pressure ultrasound causes the Acoustic Enhancer microbubbles to expand and collapse, which helps break the ureteral stones.

What’s New

Applaud Medical Receives FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for the Company’s Acoustic Enhancer for Use in Conjunction With Ureteroscopy With Laser Lithotripsy (URS-LL) for the Fragmentation of Calcium-Based Kidney Stones

SAN FRANCISCO--Applaud Medical, Inc. (Applaud), an emerging leader in the treatment of kidney stones, today announced that its Acoustic Enhancer technology has received Breakthrough Device designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Acoustic...

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